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The First Well   
Follow a samurai warrior in search of water to save his people.

Dragon Story  
animated read along story for you.




The 3 month long summer holiday is too long a break for English language learners. Parents and families are the first and most important teachers. Educational research has made it clear that parents who are actively involved in their children’s learning at home help their children become more successful learners in and out of school.

Here are some home learning activities that you can do so as not to forget and to improve skills.Take a little time to do a lot of good!

Read together
Before bed or during midday when it is unsafe to be outside in the sun, you can read together either by taking roles, or you read a page then they read a page. They should reread all their school story books, comic books and magazines are good too.


Watch TV together
National Geographic and BBC Prime have many programs for kids related to social studies, geography, health and science that can be switched to English. Check the website and plan when to watch which show. Then, discuss it together. Even a few facts and opinions are good. Or, if there isn’t an English speaker at home, have your child translate what he understood.
Disney channel is good too but turn off the Turkish subtitles or cover them with paper.

Brunch English
Make weekend breakfast an opportunity to use only English. It sounds simple but make no mistake, it works. e.g. What do you want to eat for breakfast? Can you pass me the juice? etc… 

Martha Stewart’s Recipes
Go to her website for fool-proof recipes. Cook something together with your kids.
Appple pies, sandwiches, and smoothies. Kid favorites too.

Learn the lyrics to some songs and sing together.


There are some great games you can buy on-line.  Cranium Cadoo is an excellent one! Scrabble, Tabu, etc.

Ideas our students came up with:
We can speak English with our friends and parents. Either by phone or msn.
We can go to English camp.
We can reread our English story books.
We can work with our friends and test them, read together, ask questions.
We can go to an English speaking country.
We can find a pen pal.
We can watch films.
We can email our English teachers.
We can go to where there are tourists and speak English with them.
We can send our friends messages by cell phone.

The exams are going to be over in a week. It was a pleasure for me to have brilliant students like you!

I would like to thank you for visiting the blog regulary and leaving wonderful comments!

In two weeks, I am going to suggest some good web sites for you to have fun in the summer! 

Keep posting comments!

The first bicycle was called the High-Wheel or Penny Farthing. People had a hard time keeping their balance on this type of bicycle.   


The bicycle as we know it today – with two wheels of the same size – was first made in 1900. Today there are twice as many bicycles as motorcars in the world.


Did you know the first dog sent into space was called Laika?
It was sent into space in 1957, before any other animal or humans went to space.

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You studied very hard and deserved a break. Hopefully the weather will be sunny and you will have great time. You don’t have any assignments this week. We just want you to read the chapters that we didn’t read from The Witches. By the way I heard from Mrs. Ertuğrul that your performance tasks were great! Well done:)


26 students were awarded certificates of TED Istanbul 5th Graders’ Best Blogger for visiting our blog and writing great comments regularly. Here are the names:
5/A Naz Akyüzol, Yasemin Keçecioğlu, Batuhan Çetinkaya, Ece Gül Eldek, Mert Kölük, Alper Alpkaya;
5/B Ekin Zorer, Zeynep Erçin, Birce Özcan, İrem Can, Ata Utku, Yalın Uzman;
5/C Ebru Eltemur, Petek Eyüboğlu, Nilsu Çakmur, Naz Duru Mola, Cansu Hatipoğlu, Can Kalaycı, Mehmet Manavoğlu;
5/D Balım Tezel, Mina Özdemir, Emir Büyüközden, İlayda Keçeli, Tuana Ekşioğlu, Aslıhan Çelik, Melisa Vargı.

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The fastest human swimmer can swim at 6 miles per hour.
The fastest mammal – the dolphin – can swim up to 35 miles per hour.